FVI was established in 2015 by a group of like-minded professionals built on the premise that protecting animals helps to protect all of us.  Each subject matter expert brings their education, talents and experience to improve the field of animal cruelty investigation.

We envision a more humane society where all animals and all people are treated with kindness and respect. Unfortunately, some people abuse animals. Fortunately there are people like those of us at FVI who work towards justice.


We provide comprehensive analysis, academic research, case file reviews, expert opinions, second opinions and training opportunities. We collaborate, inform and provide advice. We support investigations by law enforcement.


We are the experts.  We are staffed with trained professionals in the field of veterinary forensic evaluation and have testified in court with regards to all manner of investigations of animal abuse, neglect and aggravated cruelty.


We are among the very few providers of independent thorough and complete investigative analysis in the area of animal cruelty investigations.  We have a track record of critical time-sensitive and detailed opinions that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.  We answer the questions others ask, and we do that well.


With years of experience, we work collaboratively with prosecutors, law enforcement, attorneys, animal control agencies, animal welfare organizations, social service professionals, educators and veterinarians.  We interpret evidence, offer expert opinions and testify in federal, state and local courts or administrative bodies.


What is Veterinary Forensics?

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How Veterinary Forensics helps all of us

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“Dr. Smith-Blackmore’s expertise in animal crimes as well as her analysis and interpretation in legal cases involving animals is an invaluable tool to anyone who needs these types of services. Martha is a subject matter expert for the National Coalition on Violence Against Animals (NCOVAA) board of directors. Her commitment and use of veterinary forensics has been a great assistance to the National Sheriffs Association Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse (NLECAA). I am extremely excited to endorse her because I have known her for years and she has been instrumental in advancing this much needed service to law enforcement.”

Chief John Thompson (ret), Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, National Sheriffs Association

”Quality forensic work is the backbone of any successful animal abuse prosecution. In our work assisting law enforcement and prosecutors with these cases, we have repeatedly consulted with Dr. Smith-Blackmore to secure her expert opinion. She has always provided us with sage advice and highly accurate assessments of the medical record. We are lucky to work with her.”

Scott A. Heiser, Sr. Attorney and Director, Criminal Justice program, Animal Legal Defense Fund

”There is no easy way to discuss murder and violence in any context. And yet these grisly subjects must be broached for community leaders to find the seeds of domestic violence and to begin nurturing a more humane society. Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore’s presentation on domestic violence against animals is educational and practical. She shows the overlap between human and animal violence. In the end, she leaves the audience with a conscience to inquire about violence in the home with tact and compassion.”

Glen Miya, MD, Host of Smart Health Talk Radio

”Dr. Smith-Blackmore did an excellent job presenting the potentially triggering topic of animal sexual abuse in a sensitive & informative manner.”

Nida Intrapanich, DVM student, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

”Dr. Smith-Blackmore’s compassion and dedication to helping solve animal cruelty is second to none. She is diligent and determined to find out not only what happened to an animal victim, but how and why. As a life long cruelty investigator I can say that having Dr. Smith-Blackmore working a case can be a key factor in whether the case is solved and successfully prosecuted or not.”

Scott Giacoppo - Vice President, External Affairs, Washington Humane Society

”I have known Dr. Smith‐Blackmore for several years through the IVFSA. Her advocacy and use of veterinary forensics has greatly assisted law enforcement in advancing investigations for animal related crimes.”

David Hunt - Enforcement Agent at the Ohio Department of Agriculture