The following references are some of our own publications as well as our favorite "go to" resources when working on various subject matter.


We are grateful to so many who have made our work possible and who have shared generously of their time, skills and resources.  Some of these mentors and benefactors include Attorney George T. Angell, Dr. Phil Arkow, Attorney Diane Balkin, Simon T. Bailey, Katrina Bergman, Dr. Michael Bernstein, Lt. Alan Borgal, Jay Bowen,  Dr. Jason Byrd, Dr. Kenneth Cohrn, Vicki Croke, Dr. Julie Dinnage, Jenny Edwards, Brian Faulkner, Scott Giacoppo, Dr. Kathy Gloyd, Dr. Gail Golab, Dr. Lorna Grande, Attorney Scott Heiser,  Attorney Kara Holmquist, Amelia Hughes, Dr. Mindy Hull, Lt. Dave Hunt, Dr. Eliza Ruiz Izaguirre, Randy Knight, Dr. Randall Lockwood, Dr. Justine Lee, Attorney Richard Mable, Dr. Glen Miya, Dr. David McGrath, Dr. Melinda Merck, Dr. Greg Mertz, Dr. Lila Miller, Terry Mills, Dr. Jodie Gerdin, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Dr. Gary Patronek, Dr. Emily Patterson-Kane, Dr. Robert Reisman, Dr. Cheryl Rosa, Anna Harris Smith, Dr. Frank Stanton, Donna Stetson, Dr. Gus Thornton, Mitch Weiss, Michael Winston and Anita Zannin, MSFS and many more "TNTC" as they say in cytology. Thank you.

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