Veterinary Forensics is the application of veterinary medicine and forensic science techniques to the investigation and documentation of animal abuse and neglect as well as civil matters involving animals.  

These services, including examinations of the living victim or the deceased animal, help criminal justice professionals have greater accuracy and success in the conviction of animal abusers.  This is important for the victims, but also it may help to interrupt the cycle of violence that can be perpetuated in communities.

Successful prosecution of animal cruelty cases may help bring interventions before more harm is done to animal or human victims. Importantly, properly applied veterinary forensics can exonerate a person suspected of causing harm to an animal where there is in fact another natural or accidental explanation.



Necropsy (animal autopsy) and forensic clinical exams of live animals. These exams provide insight into animal health, injury and behavior to elucidate the reasons for their presenting condition.  During the exam, evidence may be collected and preserved, including trace and biomedical evidence. Physical evidence collected can be submitted for further testing as appropriate (ballistic, toxicology, DNA analysis etc).


Document Review

We review veterinary medical records, photographs and other documents to provide independent expert opinion. We offer this service to prosecution and defense. We report our findings in a straightforward, easy to understand format. We conduct objective examinations and analysis and are scrupulously truthful in reports, statements and testimony.


Crime Scene Investigation

We are available at the request of federal, state and local law enforcement officials to visit a crime scene in order to identify supporting evidence of animal cruelty.  Veterinary expertise can appropriately evaluate the conditions in which an animal was kept. Also we recognize physical marks of animal behavior which may further elucidate the chain of events.


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